How to Organise Your Kitchen Pantry in 5 Easy Steps

March 23, 2018 by evanyore

How to Organise Your Kitchen Pantry in 5 Easy Steps




The kitchen pantry is one of the most often-used storage spaces in the average home. This is where everyone goes to find or stow food, which means it sees a lot of traffic. That also means that family members may not put things back the same way they found them. This can lead to inefficient space use. The following steps will help you give your kitchen pantry an overhaul!


Step 1: Go Grocery Shopping!
The best way to begin organising your pantry is by having food to put in it. While starting with an empty space makes sense from a convenience standpoint, it’s not great when you try to plan food placement. Having your weekly or monthly groceries on hand will allow you to plan realistically without forgetting items that need to go in the pantry.


Step 2: Plan Your Pantry Space
Now that you have your pantry food ready, it’s time to plan how you will utilise this space. Consider the height of shelves and which items stand upright. Fill in groceries that are difficult to place elsewhere then build around them. It is also helpful to keep similar items together so that they are easier to locate and put back.


Step 3: Empty and Clean Your Pantry
Once you have a plan drawn up, you can remove everything from your pantry. Put food aside then completely clean the interior of the space. Remove anything that can be taken out and check the top for cobwebs. Next, wipe down shelves and all other surfaces, even the walls, before vacuuming the floor below.


Step 4: Beautify Your Pantry as Needed
This step is optional but will give you the opportunity to dress up your pantry. This is where you can install new shelving or other storage accessories. You can also touch up any damage or wear that’s on existing structures.


You can add or change elements to update the look of the pantry and make it your own. For example, you could apply a fresh coat of paint, add labels to bins or canisters, or display vinyl words related to food. It’s also a good time to put on new shelf paper or liners if you have them.


Pantries are often forgotten when renovating or updating home décor. Use this opportunity to catch your pantry up so that it matches your home and increases its visual appeal. When you are finished, replace any shelving or storage accessories that were removed.


Step 5: Restock Your Pantry
Now you are ready to put your food back in the pantry! Carefully arrange food according to the plan you created in step two. Place boxes and containers so that the labels are easy to read without pulling them off the shelf. Also, check canned goods and other non-perishable items for dust and clean as needed.


When you are all finished restocking, it’s time to let your family or housemates know about the update! It can be helpful to quickly go over where everything is located. This will make it easier for them to find the first time and help ensure that they put it back in the right spot. You don’t have to reorganise your kitchen pantry often, but it can be beneficial to do a clean-out and re-organise at least once per year.