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How Does It Work


Connect Cleaners is Your Clearview Cleaning Service

Many benefits come with having a cleaning service available to work in your Clearview home. It can be stressful to look for the right company that offers what you need at competitive prices. You want a professional that is detail-oriented, prompt, and reliable. Connect Cleaners provides all of those things and more.

Every day, homes in Clearview, South Australia get dirty. It’s a fact of life: your living space is going to need to be cleaned. Many families have hectic schedules that leave little room for chores. The smart solution is to hire a cleaning service to do it for you. Your home stays tidy, and you can balance your schedule between work, family, school, or other commitments.

Just as you have responsibilities to your friends and family, Connect Cleaners has a responsibility to our customers. We arrive on time with all the supplies necessary to give your living space a perfect clean. All you have to do is submit the form on this page to request a quote, and you are on your way to a tidy household.


We Treat Your Home Like It’s Our Own

We view cleaning your home the same way we would clean our own. We take extra care with breakable objects and delicate materials. Our experts know how to properly clean different materials commonly found in residences. That knowledge allows us to be your all-in-one cleaning company. Whether you want the bathrooms to sparkle, the kitchen to shine, or the carpets to be free of pet hair or debris, you can count on us.

Our service relies on the abilities of each person on our team. We go to great lengths to ensure that we hire the best cleaning professionals. Each person must go through multiple tests and interviews and pass cross-checks before they are considered for employment with Connect Cleaners. We will only send proven, honest cleaning experts to your door. That’s why we can proudly say that we are a five-star rated service! Contact us to learn more about our staff and our cleaning options.


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Finding trusted cleaners for you.

We All Know How Frustrating It Can Be Cleaning Your Home. Here At Connect Cleaners We Make Everything Hassle Free.

Book With Connect Cleaners And We Can Promise The Following:

Top Rated

200% Moneyback

Eco Friendly

Cash Free

Quick And Easy



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What Do You Get When You Hire Connect Cleaners?

When you let Connect Cleaners clean your Clearview home, you get more than a tidy house. You get freedom in your schedule. You get less stress because you know that someone is always available to tidy up. Whether you want someone to handle the regular chores or need a deep cleaning before a party, you know we’ll be there.

Connect Cleaners uses high-quality cleaning supplies that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We are bonded and insured, so your property is protected while we work. Request a cleaning quote with no obligations and know precisely what you’ll pay. We never add on surprise fees, so you know what to expect from the start.

You also get flexibility that works with your schedule. We arrive when you want us to, so you don’t have to rearrange your day to make time for a visit from your Clearview cleaning service. It takes just 60 seconds to fill out our form and start your first booking.


Connect Cleaners Cleans Throughout Clearview and Beyond

Our cleaning professionals will travel anywhere within Clearview and Port Adelaide. We are also available to take on jobs elsewhere in and around Adelaide including Northgate, Lightsview, Oakden, Enfield, and Manningham. We can provide services to families throughout Adelaide. Our staff will work in any type of residence, from a small apartment to a sprawling house.

Take back hours that would have been spent on the chores. Enjoy more of the things you love and let us handle the housework. Complete the form to get your no-obligation quote and discover why so many Clearview families trust Connect Cleaners to keep their homes tidy.


Your Happiness Is Our Guarantee

All home cleanings come with our Connect Cleaners moneyback guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with how your home turned out let us know and we will come back and clean it for free! If you’re still not happy we will refund the money!