Baby Is Coming!: 7 Things to Clean Before the Arrival of a New Little One

June 19, 2018 by evanyore

Baby Is Coming!: 7 Things to Clean Before the Arrival of a New Little One


A new baby adds a lot of work and responsibility to a household. Suddenly, this adorable little person will be demanding a lot of time and require certain necessities that you didn’t need before. New parents can take advantage of the time they have before baby arrives to get things tidy and in order. What should you and your partner do before your due date?


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 1: Organise and Stock Your Pantry

Those first few months with an infant can be overwhelming. Even parents who think they are prepared can be caught off guard. Do the best you can to get ready by organising your pantry. Take inventory and create a list of items you need. You won’t have much time to shop after baby arrives, so now is the time to stock up on non-perishable and nutritious food. Broth, quinoa, trail mix, canned goods, sauces, and whole-grain crackers are good choices.


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 2: Clean Out the Refrigerator

This is also a good time to clean out the refrigerator. Get rid of old food items and scrub everything to remove bacteria or food debris. You may need room for baby bottles, so this is the time to plan for that. Just before baby arrives, stock up on healthy foods like fruits, hummus, salad greens, and veggies.


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 3: Evaluate Your Cleaning Products

Take a look at your cleaning products and make sure they are safe for use around children. Natural ingredients are generally preferred because they are gentler and usually non-toxic. Start using safe cleaning products now to ensure that no residue is left behind from the old brands you changed out.


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 4: Do All of the Laundry

Get caught up with all the laundry then do the items you wash less often. All bedding, curtains, throw rugs, and linens should be cleaned. Also, launder baby’s accessories, blankets, and clothing. Make sure you use baby-safe fragrance-free detergent because your child’s skin will come in contact with these fabrics.


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 5: Wipe Down Everything

Work through your home, starting at the highest point in each room, and wipe everything down. Don’t forget to do shelves, furniture, blinds, light fixtures, and anything else you have. This will lift away dust and allergens that could bother baby’s respiratory system. Don’t forget to vacuum and sweep floors when you are done.


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 6: Move Furniture If Needed

You are most likely going to endure some sleepless nights after baby arrives. Make sure your furniture is arranged for maximum convenience. New parents should have a place to sit when tending to baby’s needs at night. A rocking chair is a popular choice because it provides back support and lets you rock baby to sleep. Arrange your living space so that it looks good and will help you care for your little one.


Pre-Baby Cleaning Tip 7: Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

You can leave the difficult cleaning tasks up to a professional. Hiring a cleaning service is the fastest, most effective way for new parents to prepare for a baby. You can worry about buying supplies and arranging your home while they handle all the deep-down dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing. Your baby will be welcomed into a happy, healthy environment that will give him or her a great start in life!