7 Easy Cleaning Tips for Lazy People

May 27, 2018 by evanyore

7 Easy Cleaning Tips for Lazy People


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Cleaning isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy the process, while others hate having to do it. It can be time-consuming, and there may be days when you just have too much going on. The following tips offer an easy way to get more done whether you’re truly lazy or don’t have the time and energy to finish it all.


Lazy Cleaning Tip 1: Use No-Wipe Cleaning Products When You Shower

There are no-wipe cleaning products available that are so easy to apply. Keep a bottle on hand and spray your shower walls, door, fixtures, and tub each time you bathe. You won’t have to wipe anything down, so it’s a one-step cleaning process that takes seconds.


Lazy Cleaning Tip 2: Put One Thing Away Every Time You Move to a New Room

Put one thing away each time you move from one room or area in your home to another. You’re going in that direction, anyway. Eventually, all your out-of-place belongings will be tucked away where they should be!


Lazy Cleaning Tip 3: Store Cleaning Supplies Close to Where They Are Needed

Keep cleaning as convenient as possible by storing supplies next to where they are needed. Put bathroom cleaners in the towel closet or stash your kitchen cleaner under the sink. The closer they are, the easier it will be to get started!


Lazy Cleaning Tip 4: Use a Timer to Do 10 Minutes of Cleaning Each Day

You don’t have to do hours of cleaning all at once. Instead, use the timer method. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Spend that entire period doing non-stop cleaning. Those minutes will add up if done at least once per day.


Lazy Cleaning Tip 5: Tidy the Kitchen When Waiting for Food to Cook

Anytime you are waiting for something to cook in the kitchen, start cleaning! Do dishes, put groceries away, wipe down the counters, or rinse the sink. You can be productive at a time when you would otherwise be doing nothing.


Lazy Cleaning Tip 6: Use Foil and Plastic Liners in Pans, Bowls, and Plates

Always keep foil and plastic wrap on hand and use these to form a barrier between hard-to-remove foods and your dishes and pans. Line cookie sheets, casserole dishes, and other things that go in the oven with foil. Plastic wrap is great for refrigerated items. When the food is gone, remove the liner and wash the dish with little to no scrubbing.


Lazy Cleaning Tip 7: Schedule a Visit from a Professional Cleaning Service

The laziest way to clean is to hire someone to do it for you! A professional cleaning service can handle it all when you don’t feel like it. Hire someone to visit regularly or only when you really need a deep cleaning. The best part is that you can take all the credit when visitors stop by. You can be lazy and still live in a tidy home using a few clever tricks and the help of a pro.